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Mining activities carried out by Transnational Corporations (TNCs) may cause
positive and negative impacts in developing countries, such as in Indonesia. The
positive impacts of TNCs may enhance economic growth in Indonesia , on the other

This study estimates the impact of health on labour productivity in Nigeria from 1970
to 2012, applying the standard neo-classical growth framework. Using ordinary Least
Square (OLS) technique, Cointegration and Granger Causality test procedures,…

Research into public participation in local decision-making has increased over the past forty
years, reflecting increased interest in the subject from academic, policy and practitioner
perspectives. The same applies to community development, a…

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This year is the tenth anniversary of the final decision on al al Kateb v Godwin (2004)
HCA 37), a landmark case in Australian migration law. The Australian government
sought to indefinitely detain al Kateb, a stateless Kuwaiti, after refusing…

Tun Abdul Razak’s counterinsurgency (COIN) through security and development (KESBAN)
strategy, in contending the illegal communist activities led by the Communist Party of Malaya
(CPM), was a successful COIN strategy. In the case of Malaysia,…

Alluding to the Thomas gyration, this book presents the Theory of gyrogroups and gyrovector spaces, taking the reader to the immensity of hyperbolic geometry that lies beyond the Einstein special theory of relativity.

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nternational environmental law is a branch of public international law.
While agreements devoted to aspects of environmental protection have
developed their own particularities, which are discussed throughout Chapter
IV, the structures and norms…

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In a very broad sense, the criminalistics and pathology of drug abuse are determined by the
particular drugs abused, the ways those drugs are used and administered, their toxic effects, and
the behavioral modifications they produce. This volume…

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Facts, Fears and the Future of Islamic Rules
on Family Relations in the West

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As everyone makes decisions about what to eat on a daily basis, the topic of
this book is important. This is why I have chosen to facilitate wide distribution
by publishing this work as an Open Access book under a Creative Commons

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