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This article tells the story of the making of Spanish independent feature film The
Cosmonaut. It highlights that this story was shared with the film’s audience while the
film was made. Therefore, so the argument, the story of The Cosmonaut was…

Modular Learning Design is a structure for K-12 schools Curriculums. The designing
must happen depends on learning. Instead of making curriculum, unite-lesson plans
for learning objectives, transferring information; Modular Learning Design…

Embedded systems and simulation distinguish modern professional electronic
engineering from that learnt at school. First year undergraduates typically have little
appreciation of engineering software capabilities and file handling beyond…

Facing with limited resources and human support, children in remote areas encounter
many difficulties in learning and reading with the use of modern technological
devices. To help these children experience mobile reading activities with…

Predominate cooking fuel in majority of developing countries continues to be biomass
fuel (agricultural wastes, wood, charcoal, sawdust, wood chip). In most cases,
cooking is done on open fires and the incomplete combustion of the fuel during…

The use of social media in governments is growing rapidly all over the world. Social
media provides public agencies with diverse tools that facilitate their engagement
with the public. However, social media raises different privacy, security and…

Evidence suggests that the excessive use of mobile communication technologies may
lead to uncontrollable emotional attachment to the device and various other
problematic behaviours. Therefore, a gap exists in identifying the extent to…

Depletion of fossil fuels and oncoming impacts of global warming reveal the vitality
of utilizing renewable power generation systems for future generations of humanity.
Investing in those systems also has several incentives in Europe for…

Burning of biomass is an important source of acid aerosols and black carbon
emissions into the atmosphere. In the tropics, the formation of secondary organic and
inorganic aerosols depends on meteorological parameters. High humidity and…

This study suggests a broad approach to enhance the social sustainability through
socially innovative and inclusive governance when humanizing the urban landscape.
This approach requires both “top-down” and “bottom-up” strategies.…
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