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This article tells the story of the making of Spanish independent feature film The
Cosmonaut. It highlights that this story was shared with the film’s audience while the
film was made. Therefore, so the argument, the story of The Cosmonaut was…

Predominate cooking fuel in majority of developing countries continues to be biomass
fuel (agricultural wastes, wood, charcoal, sawdust, wood chip). In most cases,
cooking is done on open fires and the incomplete combustion of the fuel during…

The use of social media in governments is growing rapidly all over the world. Social
media provides public agencies with diverse tools that facilitate their engagement
with the public. However, social media raises different privacy, security and…

In the foreign language classroom understanding how cultural learning experiences of
both the instructor and students combine and influence present classroom
expectations is important. Without understanding this, learning expectations of…

The aim of this paper is to gain insight into the necessity of Islamic linguistic skills in
terms of moral modifications and cultural relevancies for the improvement of ELT
materials. The paper highlights the required assessments for the current…

Studying a foreign language abroad is nowadays a global experiential learning
practice. This article will conceptualise and analyse language tourism taking into
account the underlying principles of language learning mobility. It will also…

Guns have gone silent in Northern Uganda after the LRA war, but clouds of injustice are still
thick in the air. Perpetrators of injustice have disappeared in thin air. Victims of atrocities
languish in their villages with psychological and physical…

Practicing a religion for its own sake can make a person self-reliant and thus increase
one’s happiness and resilience. Conversely, following a religion for ends other than
the religion itself can lead to strong beliefs in fate and destiny,…

In his homily on October 17, 2013, Pope Francis set a new tone for opposition to the
ideological position generally referred to as the “religious right” in US politics in
particular, referring to moralizing ideologies as indicating that someone…

The role of culture in a field as vast as applied linguistics is so pronounced and vital
that even a highly selective overview might not be sufficient to be comprehensive.
What follows might be a synoptic account of the role of culture in the realm…
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