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This research examines the mass communication discourse on Japanese hate speech
incidents and briefly skeches the related arguments. The analysis seeks to offer insights
into the recent backlash against minorities. The incidents appears to be the…

The world is gradually shrinking that at the press of a button events happening in farflung

part of the earth could be followed live via cable network. Globalization or
capitalist penetration of every economy is the new phenomenon.…

Literature is a powerful medium for examining justice, judgment, and society’s
treatment of humankind. “Does justice have a dark side?” Many pieces of literature
show the dark side of man’s justice, such as Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter,…

This essay examines the ways in which Henry used poetics and performances to
establish the iconography of his court and the relevance, within this context, of
Henry’s specific choice of Katherine as queen to preside over his chivalric…

Visual communication is a global activity and often demands using visual language
that will be understood across cultures. Lack of place specificity is often considered
desirable in design. But the trend toward visual globalization can have…

are like living organisms like every single living creature that is born, grows up
and dies. Just as when a living being is in bad health and medical intervention
becomes inevitable, such intervention is inevitable in cities as well. One of…

This paper is an elaboration of the research results generated from three activities:
a meta-analysis, field studies and reflexivity. The fieldwork took place in Melaka
and Dumai. The network of human smuggling in the Malacca Strait takes three…

Aim: To understand the Relationship Between the Number of Chronic Diseases and
Living Environment Among Dementia Patients. Methods: The study use the Aged
Care Service Demand Questionnaire to obtain the subjects’ information on activities

America has long and vigorously been taken up with the issue of cultural identity, the one and
the many. Its literary authorship, Puritans to Postmoderns, has been no less so engaged. Who
gets to say what writing best speaks for the culture? Has…

An increasing number of international students, whose teaching and learning practices are very
different from that of the UK, is studying in the U.K. This study poses the question of whether
Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) is the most optimum…
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