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Fairy tales and fantasy do help to shape great minds. Einstein was an avid reader of fairy tales. Understanding real humanity, nobility of character, and the vitality of love through traditional tales rather than through counterfeit, superficial,…

PCP - Emotional Health and Well-Being, A Practical Guide for.pdf
Those who read this book, either as newcomers to the field or as experienced
practitioners within it, will do so at a time of change. As new initiatives permeate the educational landscape the context and impact of change has to be
measured in…

We would like to thank the following people for reading the manuscript and off ering
suggestions: Pia Alexander, Sandra Bolton, Mark and Sarah Campbell, Marjorie Cleveringa,
Kate Gillon, Laura Gray-Rosendale, Sibylle Gruber, Karen Greenstreet,…

WHAT EVERY E-LEARNING designer, developer, and manager wants, at least once in a while, is information and ideas that were use- ful to others. How did other people solve particular problems in the creation, distribution, and tracking of software…

Many communities in Egypt, specifically the rural areas, are unquestionably
distressed places as a result of the major economic and political shifts that have
occurred over the past few years. Strategies of community development are…

Although the use of knowledge management (KM) principles in the business sector has been the focus of many books, seminars, and professional development
workshops, the application of KM in higher education has been heretofore only partially…

Roberta Cava-Comunicarea cu oamenii dificili_ Cum să ne purtăm cu clienţii răuvoitori, şefii autoritari şi colegii nesuferiţi-Curtea Veche (2012).pdf

Oxford - Andrew Scull - Hysteria, The Biography (2009).pdf
London, Friday, April 30,1602. The last year of Elizabeth I’s
reign. A 14-year-old girl, Mary Glover, the daughter of a
well-to-do shopkeeper, left her house on Thames Street
to run an errand for her mother.

Preparing those who work with our youngest and most receptive learners to be competent practitioners and reflective professionals is the most important
challenge in Education. These young minds and tiny hands deserve the best that a…

Someone once said that curriculum development is not something done to teachers but through and with them. This has the implication that teachers should have appropriate skills and knowledge to be able to make a contribution to curriculum…
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