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Fairy tales and fantasy do help to shape great minds. Einstein was an avid reader of fairy tales. Understanding real humanity, nobility of character, and the vitality of love through traditional tales rather than through counterfeit, superficial,…

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Interiors: An Introduction, Fifth Edition, is the starting point for a lifetime of design
education, appreciation, and enjoyment. Interior design is an exciting discipline that
makes life better through effective design solutions to spatial,…

That’s what New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia said back in 1934. Not
many people understood the meaning or the impact of Mayor LaGuardia’s
statement, because he said it in Latin. (“E finita la cuccagna,” said the mayor.)
But today,…

The past decade has seen an explosion in discourse on ‘the global’ as a condition,
an approach and sometimes a problem. Most visibly, the impact of economic and
manufacturing globalization appears daily through the food we consume,…

PCP - Emotional Health and Well-Being, A Practical Guide for.pdf
Those who read this book, either as newcomers to the field or as experienced
practitioners within it, will do so at a time of change. As new initiatives permeate the educational landscape the context and impact of change has to be
measured in…

We would like to thank the following people for reading the manuscript and off ering
suggestions: Pia Alexander, Sandra Bolton, Mark and Sarah Campbell, Marjorie Cleveringa,
Kate Gillon, Laura Gray-Rosendale, Sibylle Gruber, Karen Greenstreet,…

The Leiden University Press series on Law, Governance, and
Development brings together an interdisciplinary body of work about
the formation and functioning of legal systems in developing
countries, and about interventions to strengthen them. The…

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that’s for sure a good book for you.

You can build a quality business website without spending a cent for web desi
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WHAT EVERY E-LEARNING designer, developer, and manager wants, at least once in a while, is information and ideas that were use- ful to others. How did other people solve particular problems in the creation, distribution, and tracking of software…

My heart tells me there is a god. Yours may tell you something different. I am okay with that.
Fundamentalists are not. This defines the greatest complaint I have with fundamentalism as a
whole. They are dissatisfied with and unable to accept the…
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