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This paper explores the nature of collective action in the governance of transnational
common resources and proposes a private regimes approach for its study. Using the
example of the radio spectrum as a global resource – representing the…

The return to scale constitutes a significant investment index in the determination of
the quantum of resources that are deployed in investment decision on workers’
continuing professional development. Such investment decision is always…

The pedantic strategy is one of the key elements of any cooperation’s success.
However, the implementation of the strategy is very important; as often strategy fails
during the implementation stage. The implementation of the strategy is a…

The aim of this study is to determine the effects of consumer-to-consumer online
reviews on the drivers of customer equity (CE) and the role of brand trust. An
experimental online forum was purpose-built and a restricted probability sample of

The study investigates customer responses to service encounters characterized by a
high degree of service providers’ assertiveness, and the individual factors moderating
the resulting responses. The first of two formal experiments examines the…

This ground-breaking empirical study involving the application of Kozai Group's
Global Competency Index (GCI) with 86 Chinese Students in Japan elucidates the
importance of certain personality traits that modulate ability to succeed in…

In this volume are presented examples of men who shed lustre upon ordinary pursuits, either by the superior
manner in which they exercised them or by the noble use they made of the leisure which success in them
usually gives. Such men are the…

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We would like to acknowledge the input of our colleagues Richard
Marshall of Investment Research of Cambridge and Rashpal Sohan
of Rathbones in producing this book. Richard Marshall not only found
many of the examples shown but also read through…

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The increased flow of knowledge, resources, goods and services among nations that has
occurred as a result of globalisation has led to a major increase over the years in transport
activity. This has had an impact on the environment in a number of…

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The main objectives of this manual are to:
• Provide an accessible guide to productivity measurement for those involved in constructing
and interpreting productivity measures, in particular statistical offices, other relevant
government agencies…

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