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As with the ever-increasing use of new communications devices, fugi- tive literacy exhibits new manifestations of youth vocal chords. Youth communication is coming alive during our current technical age, defined by its prevailing features:…

Circumstances and
Implications of UNESCO
Listings in Cambodia

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Warner Books - Working With You is Killing Me, Freeing Yours.pdf
If you're reading this page, there's probably someone at work whose
behavior drives you crazy. It may be a chaotic coworker, an obnoxious boss, an unruly employee, an inept department, or an impossible client. Whoever it is, interactions with this…

As authors, we wonder whether readers might be interested in knowing something of our backgrounds and the reason why we undertook to write this book. We decided to write the book after we ran workshops to train people from the helping professions who…

A decade ago, I was certain that this book was soon to be written. Jeffrey A. Hess and Charlene K. Roise, two professional historians based in the Twin Cities, appeared destined to pen an ode to the North Star state’s bridging heritage. It…

CRC - Winning the Mental Game on Wall Street, The Psychology.PDF
This particular book was built around the problems of a little cosmos that in many ways provides a good working model of the larger society in which we live. Although the stock market represents only a certain part of the lifeactivity of a certain…

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Plenty, as it turns out. If you don’t like Windows 8’s Lock screen, you can bypass it or
make it work more the way you want it to. You can speed the Windows 8 boot, or even
make startup faster. And you’re not stuck with a single Windows 8…

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