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With the advent of television, documentaries became the centre of gravity of TV
productions. During the eighty-year-old life of TV, documentaries have undergone
changes in the form and content. This paper is aimed at identifying one of the…

Anne Tyler (born 1941) is one of the ingenious twentieth – century American writers.
Classified by critics as a Southern writer, Tyler focuses on modern families and their
distinctive relationships. She writes with wit and insight about runaway…

Children struggle with life today. Being children in the 21
century is both taxing and
exciting and yet trying to cope with all of the technology and media that surrounds
them. How do we as adults provide good models? Mindfulness, exercise, focus…

There is clear evidence that Heat island has changed cities microclimate from their
original and it has led to increased overheating risk, longer summer periods and
higher energy consumption for cooling. Understanding of the relation between…

Since the outbreak of mad cow disease and avian flu, consumers have become more
concerned about safety issues of meat products. Therefore, meat traceability is now
used as a strategic tool to cope with this food safety crisis. In…

Practicing a religion for its own sake can make a person self-reliant and thus increase
one’s happiness and resilience. Conversely, following a religion for ends other than
the religion itself can lead to strong beliefs in fate and destiny,…

Social science research suggests that using a red pen for essay marking evokes a
negative student response. Beyond the choice of marking color, ELL students are
often overwhelmed by the assorted scribbles, circles and slashes that teachers apply…

Official Conference Proceedings

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