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MIT - Economics and Psychology, A Promising New Cross-Discip.pdf
This book is part of the CESifo Seminar Series. The series aims to cover policy issues in economics from a largely European perspective. The books in this series are the products of the papers and intensive debates that took place during the seminars…

MIT - Does Game Theory Work - The Bargaining Challenge (2007.pdf
It is true that unmotivated subjects in unfamiliar situations don’t play as game theory predicts. So if game theory had to predict interactive human under all circumstances to be worthy of attention, it would in-
deed be a failure. But who would…

MIT -  Evolutionary Dynamics and Extensive Form Games (2003).pdf
This book is a sequel to my earlier monograph, The Stability Concept of Evolutionary Game Theory: A Dynamic Approach, published some ten years
ago in the series, Lecture Notes in Biomathematics. The final chapter of the monograph included material…

McGraw-Hill - The Psychology Of Judgment And Decision Making.pdf
To discover where the action is in psychology, look to social psychology. In recent years, the field of social psychology has emerged as central in psychology's quest to understand human thought, feeling, and behavior. Thus, we see the…

McGraw-Hill - Smarter Trading - Improving Performance in Cha.pdf
Trading is a difficult business. Finding a way to build steady profits takes long, hard work or very good luck. Sometimes the effort fails; no matter how much energy is applied, there is no answer to be found. Other times, a successful program has…

McGraw-Hill - Game Theory at Work, How to Use Game Theory to.pdf
Game theory studies how smart, ruthless people should act and interact in strategic settings. This book will teach
you to solve games. In some games you will negotiate for a raise; in others you will strive to ensure that
an employee works as hard…

Macmillan - An Essay on the Nature and Significance of Econo.pdf
THE purpose of this Essay is twofold. In the first
place, it seeks to arrive at precise notions concerning
the subject-matter of Economic Science and the
nature of the generalisations of which Economic
Science consists. Secondly it attempts to…

Kogan - Forecasting Financial Markets, The Psychology of Suc.pdf

Hawthorne Books - Cycles, the Mysterious Forces that Trigger.pdf
For over a million years man has been trying to predict his future.He has always failed-and his failures are buried the dust of history. Legendary fortune tellers, prophets, oracles, medicine men, astrologers, numerologists, mystics, charlatans, and…

Game Theory - A Very Short Introduction.pdf
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