21st Century Time Management

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21st Century Time Management


21st Century Time Management


The first time management principle is to LET GO. The key starting point
for 21st Century Time Management is to recognise that there are too
many tasks that you could do.

There are just too many options today. And the main objective of most
marketing and sales departments is to get you to want their products or
services. Add the options on cable TV, the internet and the ā€œIā€™m always
availableā€ cell phone and you are constantly bombarded with requests or
suggestions of things to do.

On top of that there are the social and community expectations that put
further time pressure on you to have life balance, time with you partner,
your kids, be healthy, re-cycle and reducing greenhouse gas.

There are just too many options. Yes, it would be nice to do all these
things. In reality it is unlikely you will be able to do these to the extent you
wish to. There is a way you can still feel like you are contributing in areas
that are really important to you.


Michael Erwin





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