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Elsevier - Ergonomics for Therapists (20080.pdf
This chapter defi nes ergonomics and provides
brief histories of the fi elds of occupational
therapy (OT), physical therapy, and ergonomics.
It also describes the relationships between therapists and ergonomists in three areas of practice:…

CRC Press - Visual Ergonomics Handbook (2005).pdf
Many of our oldest and wisest sayings deal with the eyes. That’s probably
because vision is our primary connection with the world. We use our eyes
to interact with our environment in more than a million ways every second.
The eyes really are an…

CRC Press - Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics Methods.pdf
This book contains information obtained from authentic and highly regarded sources. Reprinted material is quoted with
permission, and sources are indicated. A wide variety of references are listed. Reasonable efforts have been made to…

CRC Press - Ergonomics for Rehabilitation Professionals (200.pdf
Rehabilitation ergonomics is a young discipline. First proposed in 1979 informally
in the literature, rehabilitation ergonomics needs to grow signifi cantly. While the
principles of rehabilitation ergonomics may remain stable, undergoing little…

CRC Press - Driver Distraction, Theory, Effects, and Mitigat.pdf
Driving is a complex, multitask activity. Despite this, it is not unusual to see drivers
engage simultaneously in other nondriving tasks. The potential consequences of
doing so were borne out in a landmark incident that occurred on the morning of…

CRC Press - Comfort and Design, Principles and Good Practice.pdf
machines and airplane tickets. Discomfort is a predictor of musculoskeletal injuries
and should be reduced in situations that consume a significant part of our time.
However, there is no such thing as a general notion of comfort or…

CRC Press - Back and Bed, Ergonomic Aspects of Sleeping (200.pdf
In view of the diversity of the readers of this book, it is probably sensible to define
several levels of complexity. The basic level (Level 1 in Figure 0.1) explains which
ergonomic factors (e.g., back support) play a role in sleeping (Chapter…

CRC Press - Aviation Psychology and Human Factors (2010).pdf
This book is about applied psychology. Specifically, it is concerned with the
application of psychological principles and techniques to the specific situations and
problems of aviation. The book is meant to inform the student of psychology about…

Berg - The Senses of Touch, Haptics, Affects and Technologie.pdf
This project was completed with a year’s Research Leave generously enabled by
the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) of the United Kingdom, and
supported by the School of Cultural Studies at the University of the West of England,…

Ashgate - The Multisensory Driver, Implications for Ergonomi.pdf
The research reported in this book was supported in part by an Overseas Research
Students Award and a Clarendon Fund bursary, from Oxford University, as well as
by a Senior Scholarship from Somerville College, Oxford University to Cristy Ho.
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