Autodesk®Revit® ARchitectuRe 2015

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Autodesk®Revit® ARchitectuRe 2015


Autodesk®Revit® ARchitectuRe 2015


Welcome to Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015 Essentials, based on the
Architecture 2015 release.
We have shaped the focus and content of this book from our diverse experience as Revit teachers, writers, users, support specialists, designers, and testers.
We have tailored the content to what we think is the most valuable combination
of topics and generated exercise files that target these topics. Because we teach
Revit Architecture to first-time users, we feel the included content is of most
value to our students learning the program for the first time. This book should
benefit new Revit Architecture users, as well as long-term users who may not
use every aspect of the program on a daily basis and could benefit from revisiting exercises as needed.
Revit Architecture 2015 includes a number of valuable new tools. While each
tool may not be considered “essential,” we have made an effort to mix new tools,
tips, and tricks, along with established features into the context of the text and
supporting exercises. The book follows real-life workflows and scenarios and
is full of practical examples that explain how to leverage the tools within Revit
Architecture. We hope you’ll agree that we’ve succeeded.


Ryan Duel




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